Portable / Mobile Toilet Sanitation

Portable sanitation is an important aspect of any construction site, special events and informal housing settlements; fortunately there are many different types of mobile ablution facilities available today.

Some of the mobile toilets available include:

  • Conservancy Tanks – a covered tank without an overflow used for the reception and temporary retention of sewage and required routine emptying. (Septic Tank)
  • Chemical Toilets – a toilet that uses chemicals to treat and deodorize waste. These toilets have a special reservoir that stores chemicals that work to break down human waste. Reservoirs in chemical toilets are emptied and replaced when they reach their fill or as per your contract.
  • Septic Tanks – a septic tank is a large tank that stores sewage while it settles. Sewage enters the septic tank from the house where it is left to separate. Heavy solids settle to the bottom of the septic tank, while the relatively clear water rises to the top where it is allowed to leach off into the earth. There are many different factors that will influence the rate at which the tank will reach its capacity. Sewage removal is usually done by a Honey Sucker / Honey Truck / Honey Wagon. A typical septic tank is constructed of either some sort of metal treated against corrosion or, more commonly, a sturdy plastic.
  • Pit Latrines – a dry toilet system that collects human excrement in a large container and range from a simple slit trench to more elaborate systems with ventilation.
  • VIP Toilets – ventilated improved pit latrine (VIP) is a pit toilet with a black pipe (ventilation pipe) fitted to the pit and a screen at the top outlet of the pipe. The VIP toilet is an improved version of the pit toilet, overcoming flies and mosquito as well as unpleasant odours.

Waco International

through its division Sanitech offers premier mobile sanitation, hygiene solutions and portable chemical toilets in South Africa. Mobile toilets for construction sites, special events and informal housing settlements.

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