Private Investigation Services

A private investigator (PI) is a professional person, hired by individuals, companies, government agencies or other corporations to perform investigations that can relate to almost any aspect of the corporate environment or personal issues. Investigation agencies often make use of undercover agents, surveillance and polygraphing equipment to conduct their investigations. Investigators are highly skilled professionals, conducting their investigations with extreme discretion and confidentiality.

Some common areas of investigation services include:

  • Fraud and Financial investigations
    • Fraud is commonly investigated within a company where an employee may be defrauding the company or clients.
  • Employee investigations
    • Companies, especially those that work with highly confidential documentation or projects hire a PI to conduct thorough background screening, interview potential employees or investigate possible employee misconduct
  • Violent Crime investigations
    • Some Private Investigation agencies have dedicated departments that handle crime investigations. They may be called upon when the relevant parties feel that additional investigation is required.
  • Other common investigation services
    • There are endless possibilities of investigation services that a person may need. You may want to ensure that your employees do not abuse illegal substances and order drug detection tests.
    • Companies may want to ensure that their confidential documents and information remain secure and may order debugging or security risk assessment services for their premises.
    • Theft
    • Corruption
    • Poor Productivity
    • Competitive Malpractice
    • Competition Analysis
    • Even personal aspects such as adultery

One thing is for sure - When you are thinking of hiring a Private Investigator, make sure that they offer professional, discreet and confidential services to you.

D&K Management Consultants

We specialize in a vast range of private investigation services. These include undercover surveillance, theft, polygraphing, employee investigation, financial & fraud investigations, drug detection and much more. Our services are available to companies, firms, government organisations and individuals.

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